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Timberwire, Inc., offers a wide variety of intercontinental specialty hardwoods and lumber and if you do not find what you are looking for on our inventory list, please give us a call. We do custom orders as well. Our premium quality products coupled with our unsurpassed customer service, sets us apart from the competition. Timberwire has an in-house shipping division that provides customers with the fastest, most reliable product delivery across the globe and throughout intercontinental African, Europe, Asia, America’s, and Australia.

Timberwire is owned and operated by Expert forester and Business Manager Steve Wong who has worked in the forestry industry for more than a decade and is dedicated to the long-term enrichment of natural resources.

Steve Wong is the long-time brainchild of Standardglobe, Inc., the organization’s Chief Visionary Officer. Steve Wong has already built a career that has been marked by his ability to integrate new ideas and partnerships to create innovative productive systems of operating businesses.

Steve’s passion for wood forestry trading began at an incredibly young age. A first generation Sub-Saharan African, his parents live in Cameroon where forestry and timber processing activities, family, and the marriage of the two are a way of life. Constantly surrounded by new and adventurous woods choices, Steve grew up admiring the art and beauty of wood processing and exportation while spending countless hours watching his dad, aunts, and grandparents exploits and process different species of African hardwoods. At the age of 14, Steve’s first part time job was working in an Italian Chinese wood processing and exportation company “LifeMate” in Douala, Cameroon where his love for hardwoods and Timber experience began to inspire him. He Graduated from the top supply chain school in the country with a first class where he strengthens his outstanding passion for forestry exportation before moving to the United States and obtaining an MBA in Business Administration, MS in Manufacturing Engineering, and MS in Supply chain to grow and lead his business. He worked for five years as a Supply Chain Manager with Toyota Motor North America to galvanized and cement his knowhow in international business specifically export compliance and trade.

Throughout Steve’s career, and through the many travels he has made worldwide, his passion and mission to define and someday deliver the ultimate customer experience has been interlaced in every role he has played, regardless of the industry.

A serial entrepreneur and self-starter, Steve Wong has a unique ability to balance both natural intuitions, with sound business judgment and at present is the current President and CEO of StandardGlobe, Inc., a Texas base United States, an Export Busines Consulting Corporation and mother company encompassing eglobemarket, Timberwire and Honeymile. When not focusing on his present role, he spends most of his time surrounding himself in the world of woods and forestry continually researching, developing, and discovering ways to deliver fun, fresh, and innovative experiences that he is certain will make Timberwire a tremendous success.

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